Creating a New SmartSimple Instance

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If you copy is SmartSimple is designated as a Partner copy you can create additional instances of SmartSimple from within your copy.

Use the following steps to validate if your current copy is a partner copy and to create a new copy.

1. Log into your existing copy of SmartSimple as Global User Administrator.

2. Select the Configuration, Global Settings menu.

3. Click the Licensing tab at the top of the window.

  • If a partner authentication number is displayed at the top of the screen then the current instance is capable of creating new instances.
  • If you can only set the number of users (internal and external) and no authentication number is displayed then you cannot create new instances.

If you need to create new instances of SmartSimple and need access to this functionality then you should contact your SmartSimple Account manager.

Creating a new Instance

1. Click the New Activation tab.

A list of existing templates is displayed. You can one of these existing instances to create a new copy or create a completely empty copy.

2. Choose the No Template option to create an empty instance


3. Choose one of the existing templates for an instance populated with the structure (data fields, formatting, applications configured) of the selected copy.


4. Choose the Current Instance option to create a new instance populated with the structure of the instance that you are logged into.

If you anticipate a need to create many instances on a specific existing instance the SmartSimple Helpdesk can add an instance to the list.

5. Enter the Company Profile in the left panel at the bottom of the window.

6. Enter your contact details as an Administrator Profile in the right panel at the bottom of the window.

7. Click the Submit button.

An email containing the new instance’s alias (a numeric value) will be sent to the email specified in the Administrator Profile.

The client screen is redisplayed.

Once the email has been received you use the link to open a login screen to the new instance and login.

Important Note – if the instance that you create is on the SmartSimple BIZ server the link in the email will reference the Com server. This is incorrect – you must access the instance on the BIZ server. Example:

  • Instance created on BIZ
  • Email references
  • Go to 74732.smartsimple.BIZ

Clicking the link to the COM server in the email will take you to the SmartSimple website and not the instance you created.