Counting Business Days between Two Dates

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To count business days between two dates (startdate and enddate), the following code can be used in a Special Browser script field that will populate a Calculated Value Custom Field with the number of business days between two given dates.

In the Special Browser script field you define the function that calculates the difference:

function bus_date_diff()
  var frm=document.forms[0];
  var formatdate="@dateformat@";
  var start=ConvertDateStr(frm.startdate.value,formatdate);
  var end=ConvertDateStr(frm.enddate.value,formatdate);
  var diff=datediff(start,end, "D");
  var i=0;
  var busdays=0;
    var cdate=dateadd(start,'D',i);
  return busdays;

In Expression section of the Calculated Value Custom Field you would call the function:


Note: The function definition can be changed to accept parameters (fields containing dates) that are passed at the time of calling the function from any Calculated Value Custom Field.

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