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Company transactions provide you the ability to create specific types of records that are associated with specific categories. Because you can create any number of records they are called “transactions”.

For example, if you need to store information about Board Members of a given organization, you could define a Company Transaction named Board Members to reflect each individual.

Each organization could then have any number of board members associated with its profile. Each Company Transaction type consists of some standard fields that you can choose to use, plus custom fields that you add to the transaction type.

Once you have created the transaction type, it will be displayed as a tab under the Organization profile. If the Organization is associated with multiple different transaction types these will be displayed in a set of tabs.

Any number of transaction types can be created within a single instance.

1. Click the Transaction Types hyperlink on the Global Settings menu under the Company & Account Settings heading.


2. Ensure that the "Company" Transaction Type is selected from the Transaction Type selection dropbox.


3. Click the New button.


Transaction types are listed in the left panel, and created and updated in the right panel.

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