Cascading Status Changes

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A change in status at one level can update the status at the levels beneath it.

Example 1

From a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 or Transaction Status you can set up the following:

  • Add new Transaction Trigger
  • Type Filter – The Level 2, Level 3 or Transaction type that you’re going to filter on to obtain items to update status
  • Status Filter – Once it finds the records that match the type, now it filters on the status, and any of those matches…
  • Set Status To - xxx it will change the status to this status


Example 2

In a Universal Tracking Application if you have a Level 1 Template named ThisTemplate, and there are many activities on that ticket of different statuses. You can set up the trigger to set all Level 2s to "Complete" status, regardless of what status they’re on:

  • Add new Level 2 Trigger
  • Type To: All
  • Status Filter: All
  • Set Status To: Complete


In order to configure a Status Trigger, edit the status that you want to be the trigger. Then click on the "Status Trigger" button