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This feature uses JavaScript syntax
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You can automatically determine if GST should be calculated on an item and calculate the GST by using the following technique:

This example assumes you are adding this functionality to a UTA level and three existing custom fields:

  • total - a text box to store the amount and
  • GST - a select one combo box to indicate if the item should include GST.

1. Create an additional custom field - Calculate GST as Special - Browser Script type field.

2. Add the following expression to that field.

function calculategst(amount,gst) {if (gst=='Yes') return parseFloat(amount*0.06).toFixed(2); else return parseFloat(0).toFixed(2);}

This function - calculategst can be called from any field, but the Calculate GST field itself will not be displayed.

3. Create a calculated field to store the calculated value.

4. Add the following expression to that field.


This expression is called the calculategst function and passes the total and the gst values. If GST is applicable, then the value is calculated and returned (to 2 places of decimal) else 0.00 is returned.