Assessment Concepts

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Assessments are organized as shown in the following diagram:


  • Assessments as based on assessment templates in a similar manner to referrals.
  • You can create any number of assessments to the same referral. For each type of assessment or service offered by your company, you will need a different assessment template. See your system administrator to add other assessment templates.
  • Each assessment can gather different information about that specific type of assessment, and have different statuses.
  • You associate the evaluator to each assessment to be performed.
  • Each assessment template can be associated with a specific group of qualified service providers.
  • If you restrict the service providers associated with each assessment type, then only the qualified providers are selectable. If you don’t create this relationship, then you can select from any contact in the system.

Assessment Activities

Optionally, each assessment can be associated with a series of activities, such as report editing, final review, and invoice.

  • Activity types are defined once for assessments, and any activity type can be associated with any assessment.
  • You can report on all activities across all referrals and assessments.

Not all companies require this level of detail.

Check with your system administrator to see if your company is using this feature.