Adding JavaScript JS files to Web Page View Pages

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To include JavaScript JS files in a Web Page View custom field you must utilize the following method.

<script language="JavaScript">
function include_dom(script_filename) {
    var html_doc = document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0);
    var js = document.createElement('script');
    js.setAttribute('language', 'javascript');
    js.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript');
    js.setAttribute('src', script_filename);
    return false;
function includejsfiles() {

You will also have to call the includejsfiles function in the body onload on the Web Page View:

<body onload="includejsfiles();">


JavaScript JS files can be added to Browser Script custom fields or on template pages, sign-up pages etc. using the following syntax:

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript" language=JavaScript src="/validate.js"></SCRIPT>

Using this method on Web Page View custom fields will cause the page to crash in certain browsers, particularly Internet Explorer. Accordingly the includejsfiles method above must be used for Web Page Views.


  • The includejsfiles method must be called onload. If you try to call it before the full page has loaded some Browsers will freeze.