Activating the Pandora Development Environment

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The Pandora development environment is created using a Universal Tracking Application™. You may create this application for the purpose of creating and managing your API code. It is not mandatory to use this, but is a useful tool to edit, share and retain code.

To set up this functionality:

  • Configuration >> Tracking Applications >> New application
  • Create application you will use as your code editor
  • Application Settings >> Click the checkbox "Enable Content Management" if required
  • Return to Level 1 templates >> Create/Edit template >> Select Content Management as Type and Save

Once this is set up, you can create Level 1's and edit your content as required.

The benefits of managing code in this manner are that you leverage all the functionality of the UTA to manage the development process. Some of the UTA features you can take advantage of are as follows:

  • Each Level 1 entity will represent a single web page of code.
  • Different types of code can be managed through different Level 1 templates, for example – a template type to represent Search pages, Registration pages, Updating pages and Tutorial pages.
  • The status of the code can be controlled through standard level 1 statuses such as In Development, In Production, Checked Out and No Longer used.
  • Different developers can be associated with each page through the Contact feature.
  • The security matrix can be used to determine who much control different users can have of each page.
  • Notes can be added to each page.