Activating Level 3

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1. Click the Settings tab.

2. Click on the General tab.


The UTA General Settings Page is displayed.

3. Click the Enable Level 3 Activities check box.


4. Click the Save button.

  • The Level 3 settings are exposed at the bottom of the page.
  • The Level 3 tab is now being displayed on the application tab bar.

5. Scroll to the Level 3 Activity Settings.


You will use this section to set the standard fields for the Level 3 activity.

6. Scroll to the Terminology Settings.


As with Level 1 and 2, it is necessary to set the terminology for the Level 3 items. In this case, the word action will be used.

7. Set the Sub-Activity term to Action.

8. Set the Sub-Activities term to Actions.

9. Click any Save button.

10. Scroll to the Level 3 Activity Settings.


  • The section has been renamed Action Settings.
  • When you refresh the browser window the tab is now displayed as My Actions.

Once enable, Level 3 activities are configured in exactly the same manner as Level 2 activities.

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