Tips on Account Ownership

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If you intend to use SmartSimple for Sales Tracking or Account Management, then the following ownership tips are important:

  • Each account can have a single owner but each sub-account (division, business unit or branch) in the same organisation, can have a different owner.
  • If different account managers are looking after different parts of the same organisation, you can easily reflect this structure in SmartSimple.
  • You can also use the association feature to associate multiple users and contacts with a single account.
  • Specific sales opportunities in an account can be assigned to someone other than the account manager.

Import Account Information

The Import button provides for account specific import functions.

  • Accounts – import sub-accounts.
  • Contacts – import contacts for this account.
  • Activities – import activities or events to this account or to contacts associated with this account.

This feature is only displayed to Global User Administrators or Local User Administrators.