Organisations and People

You organise all internal and external companies into an organisational hierarchy. This makes it easy to reflect the real structure of the organisations you deal with. For example, a company may need a structure such as company, division, and branch – a three level hierarchy.

All the contacts that you add to the system, regardless of whether they are able to log into SmartSimple, are associated with a specific part of an organisation that may be either internal (to your company) or external (to another company).

SmartSimple supports an unlimited hierarchy of both internal and external organisations and a unlimited number of contacts.

Contacts are the people both internal to your organisation and external in other organisations that you deal with. Any contact can be a system user.

If you enable the login feature when adding people then they will be able to log into the system and you can consider them users, otherwise they are simply contacts.

When you add people that you wish to use the system, you can choose to send each person an e-mail containing their username, password, and the URL (link) to access your copy of SmartSimple.

As part of the contact setup process, you assign people roles to define their access to system resources such as application programs, folders, calendars, or discussions. Peoples' roles also control the interface that they will see when they log into your copy of SmartSimple.