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The SmartSimple platform comes with built-in code sets to help streamline the user's ability to categorize various items specific to the purpose of their instance, dependent on the vertical market they belong to or the usage or their platform. The three main built-in code sets include MeSH, NAICS and ICD.

To enable these code sets as Custom Field options, you will need Global User Administrator access. 

Description of Code Sets

Abbreviation Description Target Client  Use-Case


(Medical Subject Headings)

MeSH includes the list of medical terms used by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for its computerized system of storage and retrieval of published medical reports.

As a comprehensive controlled vocabulary, MeSH serves as a thesaurus that facilitates searching within the medical research market.

Medical Research
  • the classification of specific details within medical research 

Ex: Neuroimagery, animals, depression


(International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems)

The ICD code set, currently on its 10th revision, is a medical classification list by the World Health Organization (WHO).

It contains codes for diseases, signs and symptoms, abnormal findings, complaints, social circumstances and external causes of injury and diseases.

Independent Medical Examiners (insurance)
  • the classification of a type of injury

Ex: Chronic post-traumatic headache, drug-induced headache


(North American Industry Classification System)

NAICS was developed as the standard for use by US, Canadian and Mexican agencies in classifying business establishments for the collection, analysis, and publication of statistical data related to the business economy.

  • the classification of the purpose of a company, enterprise, or business

Ex: Footwear store, dessert café, pay-per-view cable programming

Configuration - Essentials

All three of these code sets are accessed in your SmartSimple instance as Custom Fields. Each code set is labelled as its own standard Custom Field Type

Code Set Custom Field Type
MeSH Custom Field Type: Lookup - MeSH
ICD Custom Field Type: Lookup – ICD Code 
NAICS  Custom Field Type: Lookup – NAIC Codes

Each field has a lookup function that facilitates the ease of finding the desired codes.When setting the field, the user is able to search for specific codes either by writing a description of the categorization, or by the numerical code. A list of matching items will appear and the user can choose the appropriate option from the list. 

Lookup - ICD Code field, in Edit Mode
Lookup - ICD Codef field, in View Mode

Enabling as Custom Field

These built-in code sets must first be enabled in order to utilize them as look up options in your system.

 You will need SysAdmin access to enable any of these code sets as Custom Fields. 

1. Click on the 9-square menu icon on the top right of your page.

2. Under the heading Configuration, select Global Settings.

082719 sysadmin globalsettings.png

3. Click on the Organizations tab.

4. Under General Settings, select Custom Fields.

082719 customfields.png

5. Click on the icon in the top right to create a new custom field.

New field button.png

The New Custom Field page will be displayed.

6. Click into the Field Type box and scroll down until the heading Special Input Types.

082719 special codesets types.png

The three built-in code sets will be available to choose.

7. Select which Custom Field Type you want, fill in the remainder of the fields, and click the Save button.

For more information about filling out the fields for a new custom field, see our Custom Fields General Settings article.

Choosing the Region of NAIC Codes

The NAIC codes will show up as a Standard Organizational Field for a company. When you enable NAIC codes as a field, you have the option to choose the region of the code: 

Naic region options.png
NAIC Region Description
US NAIC Enabling this region will allow users to select the NAIC codes related to businesses in the United States. 
Canada NAIC, English Enabling this region will allow users to select the NAIC codes in English related to Canadian businesses.
Canada NAIC, French Enabling this region will allow users to select the NAIC codes in French related to Canadian businesses. 
European NACE

NACE is the acronym used to designate the various statistical classifications of economic activities developed since 1970 in the European Union.

Enabling this region will allow users to select the NACE codes related to European businesses. 

Choose the region that the organizations of your instance will require. 

Configuration - Advanced

Using the Custom Field Import Wizard

You are able to use the custom field Import and Export features to move or copy custom fields from one entity to another (or even another instance of SmartSimple). The custom fields are exported and imported by using XML (Extensible Markup Language) format.

As the custom field ID is unique to each custom field in the system, the custom field IDs will not be copied when importing. Any newly created custom fields using the Export/Import feature will be assigned new custom field IDs. 

Use the following IDs for the built-in code sets when trying to create a custom field for that type: 

Custom Field Type Name Custom Field Type ID
Lookup - MeSH Codes
Lookup - ICD Codes 74
Lookup - NAIC Codes 77

For more specific information and instructions about importing or exporting the custom fields of these built-in code sets, see our custom field import/export article and the Custom Field Import Wizard article. 

Enabling KML on ICD and NAIC Custom Field

KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a file format used to display geographic data in Earth browsers such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. Using a tag-based structure with nested elements sand attributes, and based on XML standard, KML allows the visual mapping of field information in your platform. 

Currently, KML can be enabled on both the Lookup - NAIC Codes and the Lookup - ICD Codecustom fields. 

In order to do so, follow these steps: 

1. Click on the 9-square menu icon on the top right of your page.

052919 MenuIcon.png 

2. Click Global Settings

3. Select Custom Fields under the first System tab. 

4. Edit the custom field (either NAIC or ICD) that you want to enable KML on. 

5. Under General Options, select the Enable KML option.


6. Click Save.

Fields that contain SmartSimple KML Variables will display as a View Map button in View Mode

KMLFieldEditMode.png KMLFieldViewMode.png
Field in Edit Mode Field in View Mode

For more information about KML, as well as various methods of enabling KML into your SmartSimple instance, please see the KML Wiki article.

Display Code Description with System Variables

For these built-in code sets, the field stores the actual ICD, MeSH, or NAIC code (i.e. G44.0). In order to display the description associated with a specific code (such as Cluster Head Syndrome for the ICD code), you can use the following syntax in a Read Only - System Variables custom field, Web Page View, or wherever else the use of system variables is appropriate: 


Where fieldname is the name of the Lookup - ICD Code custom field. 

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