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=General Information=
=General Information=
===Next Upgrade Dates===
===Next Upgrade Dates===
'''Updated:''' The next upgrade is scheduled for '''January 28th 2016'''.<br />
'''Updated:''' The next upgrade is scheduled for '''{{CurrentUpgradeDate}}'''.<br />
Previously scheduled for January 21st 2016.
Previously scheduled for January 21st 2016.

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General Information

Next Upgrade Dates

Updated: The next upgrade is scheduled for July 8 2021.
Previously scheduled for January 21st 2016.

Bi-Monthly Upgrades

Upgrades are released on a bi-monthly basis.

The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  • The upgrades will be performed in smaller batches.
  • New features will come on-stream faster, as we can fast track key enhancements into early updates.

A list of planned upgrade dates is available here: Future Upgrades.

We regularly update the list of upgrade features and schedule for both the backup and production servers on this Wiki page.

This page will provide a general overview of each upgrade, with links to the Wiki articles describing the new or updated features and how to use them. You can also subscribe to the Technical Journal that is sent out prior to each upgrade on the Newsletter Signup Page. (Unsubscribe here).

System Upgrade Process

The objective of the System Upgrade Process is to ensure that customers have a chance to review, without compromising the integrity of their production system, how their applications and information will work following the upgrade. In order to take advantage of this you will need to know how to access your backup instance of SmartSimple. If you need assistance with this either refer to the Backup Server and Testing Instances Wiki article, or contact the SmartSimple support desk.

For clients on a Dedicated Server, please review the SmartSimple Upgrade Process – Dedicated Server page.

Backup Server Update

  • Each backup server will be updated to the "release candidate" prior to the upgrade date.
  • This update will provide for instance specific testing of release candidate, as you can log into your respective backup server and test the changes against your most current data and configuration.
  • Internal staff will also be using these servers to perform instance specific testing.

Update Go/No-Go

  • Subject to satisfactory testing on both the pre-production server and the production backup servers, the go/no go decision will be made on Wednesday at 12:00pm.

Current Upgrade Package: January 2016

The server upgrade is scheduled for July 8 2021, between 10pm - 10:15pm EST.

Important: The upgrade will be applied to your backup server one week prior to the scheduled upgrade date for your production server.
You are encouraged to log into your backup server during this period to test the changes against your most recent data and configuration. 

If your organization has a dedicated SmartSimple server or you host in-house, the upgrade will be made available on February 18th.

Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to their server:

New Ability to Maximize and Restore the Size of Arcadia X Sections

  • Users can expand the size of Arcadia X sections to take the full screen width and restore it back the original size.
  • Why? | How

Enhanced Custom Field Instructions Display

  • Custom Fields now have the ability to hide the "Caption" field but detect and display any comments in the "Instructions" field.
  • Why? | How

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

New Customizable UTA Batch Update Options

  • This feature adds the ability for System Admins to create one or many different Batch Update buttons (on the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) available to users based on their specific user role.
  • Why? | How

New Associate a Single List View to Multiple Roles

  • This feature allows multiple roles to a be assigned to a single List View.
  • Why? | How

New Create and Direct Users to Language Specific Login Pages

  • Added is the ability to create and then direct users to language specific login pages.
  • Why? | How

New Level 1 List Views Can Reference Organizations, People and Branches

  • Added is the ability for Level1 List Views can now reference related Level1 organization, person, and branch fields.
  • Why? | How

New Show or Hide Column Totals in Report Builder Neo

  • Users building reports using the Report Builder Neo can now easily show or hide column totals using the Report Builder.
  • Why? | How

New Enforce Single Sign-On by Disabling Direct Login Access

  • This feature allows the enforcement of SSO on a per-role basis.
  • Why? | How

Enhanced Save and Delete Buttons Viewable on the Main System Object Tab

  • When viewing system objects in edit mode, the "Save" and "Delete" buttons will only be displayed when viewing the main tab.

New Renamed 'Allow Empty' setting on Custom Fields

  • The "Allow Empty" custom field has been renamed "Mandatory".

Beta Previews

The following features are available for beta preview. For a sneak peek, please contact your SmartSimple administrator for more information.

New Preview UTA Forms Through Different Roles, Statuses, and Versions

  • This feature allows you to easily view the forms you've created through different roles, statuses, and versions in one window.
  • Why? | How

Previous Upgrades

See the Previous Upgrades page for a list of previously-implemented upgrade features.

Future Upgrades

Click here for a listing of future upgrade dates.