Working with Level 2 – Activities

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You can sometimes build a useful Universal Tracking Application that only uses one Level.

If you need to track “transactions” of some kind associated with the Level 1 item you will need to create a two level UTA.

  • When you examine the built-in fields for the Level 2 (and Level 3) entities you will see they closely resemble activity type transactions with fields such as start date, end date, start time, end time, etc. And generally a lot of the Level 2 transaction types do have these types of activity based characteristics.
  • Sometimes the Level 2 transaction will not require any activity type fields. In that situation simply don’t use any of the Standard Fields for the Level 2 activities and use custom fields for the rest of the entity.

Steps to Activate Level 2 items

The steps to activate the Level 2 Entity are similar to the Level 1 Entity.

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