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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the March 2014 upgrade to your server:

PDF Annotation

  • You may now add annotations to uploaded PDF documents on the fly. When the "Enable Annotation" option is selected on a multiple file upload field, PDF documents uploaded to that field can be commented and marked up. Comments and drawing mark-ups can be added to any PDF without any downloads or browser plug-ins required. The annotated PDF can then be saved at any stage as a new file. See the PDF Annotation article for further details.

Simplified List Views for Companies and Contacts

  • The configuration of list views for companies and contacts has been simplified, combining the list view settings pages for external and internal companies and contacts. As well, the setup page for Ajax Lookup list views has been consolidated for external and internal companies and contacts.

New Icon Sets for Portal pages

  • New icon sets have been added to the portal configuration page, enabling administrators to give their copies of SmartSimple a more contemporary look. The icons can now be chosen directly from the icon preview page.

Update to Rich Text Editor

  • The Rich Text editor has been updated and has a new look and feel. This feature allows you to easily add formatting to text input.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

Simplified Display of Uploaded Files

  • A new syntax has been added for referencing files uploaded to a field. You can display uploaded files as a string of text by using the @Fieldname.filenames()@ variable. The syntax is @field name.filenames(delimiter)@.
Example: To display a comma separated list of file names of the files uploaded to a field named Uploaded Files, you would enter the variable @Uploaded Files.filenames(,)@.