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* You can also create an Upload field if desired, in which to store the signed PDF file. Use the Store-To Value option in the Web Page View field to point to this additional field.
6. Make sure you've created a role for your Signees, and that the intended person is added as a Contact using this role. Your Web Page View field will need to contain list syntax that specifies the roleid; this is how SmartSimple knows to whom the e-signature request should be sent.
* for API Key and Client ID, follow [ these instructions].
Tip: Within the Web Page View window, you can click the Online Signature button to view the status of the current request once it's been sent.
==SignEasy Tags==
{| class="wikitable"
||'''Tag Format'''
||Populate the email body
<pre><!--SignatureEmailBody Place body text here.--></pre>
<pre><!--SignatureEmailBody This is a test.--></pre>
||Configure the CC email list
<pre><!--SignatureCC email;Name,email2;Name2--></pre>
<pre><!--SignatureCC;ABC Smith,;QA1--></pre>
||Emails will be copied to the list of people included here.
||Configure the email flow for multiple signees
<pre><!--SignatureFlow Indicator--></pre>
<pre><!--SignatureFlow P--></pre>
||If you specify the signature flow as P (Parallel), emails will be sent to all signees at the same time.
If you specify the signature flow as S (Sequential), emails will be sent sequentially; for example: email will only be sent to the second signee after the first signee has completed signing the document, and so on. (if left out, behaviour will default to Parallel)
For SignEasy to retrieve signee emails, names etc, you will have to embed them in your HTML. They will then be used in the email sent to signees. For example:
<pre> [#(?object=contact;criteria=roleid='12527';orderby=firstname) <!--SignatureFlow P--><!--signature ~email~;SIGNER;~firstname~;~lastname~;~Index~;~companyname~-->#]</pre>
If you have 3 signees assigned to the Level 1, the HTML in your Web Page View will be embedded with the info for all three:
<!--signature;SIGNER;Tony;Test;1;SmartSimple Software -->
<!--signature;SIGNER;Fake;Man;2;Fake Co. -->
<!--signature;SIGNER;Fake2;Mann;3;Fake2 Co. -->
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