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Agreeing to Cookies
:: [[File:New login page button.png|180px|border]]
==Multiple/Switching Languages==
Administrators need to create a separate login page for each language you want to support. You choose the desired language for a login page when you create a new login page.
# For '''URL''' enter the URL to your signup page or use the lookup to find it. If you paste the Page URL of your signup page into a routing page, make sure you use the relative path example: /s_csignup.jsp?token=XVtQHUUGYVpQRhRRXxNRS1BWZEl2HnFsFA%3D%3D&ptoken=XVtQC1oGYVpQRhRRXxNRS1BWZEl2HnFsFQ%3D%3D. Relative paths will resolve correctly and work on production as well as development/backup.
# Press '''Save'''.
==Agreeing to Cookies==
When we talk about Cookies we are referring a small piece of data stored on a user’s computer. As of the [|EU Cookie directive] you must get consent from your users.
The first time a user comes to your system they will be presented with an alert explaining that SmartSimple uses cookies. It also states that by using the system they are consenting to the use of cookies. The user can click ok to accept or navigate away. There is also a link to a longer description which explains what cookies are being used and the purpose of each cookie.
We recommend that you should leave this setting always on, However it is possible to disable the cookie warning. Go to Menu Icon > '''Global Settings''' > '''Security''' and toggle off '''Enable Cookie Usage Acceptance'''.
[[File:cookies.jpg|thumb|none|500px|The Cookies acceptance alert shown to all users first time they visit your system.]]
=Settings Explained=
||You can enter your custom code into this text area or modify the existing content added by clicking the sample template link. Although you can enter your own code here we generally don’t recommend it. If you do add your own code here make sure your code meets accessibility guidelines and make sure it is responsive (works on all devices including mobile).
=Configuration - Advanced=
==ReCAPTCHA Security==
:: [[File:Recaptcha.png|800px|border]]
=Configuration - Advanced=
==Error Message==
In order to display an '''Error Message '''when an incorrect login username or password is provided, simply include the following variable into the Login Screen HTML: '''@errmsg@'''
The fields for invalid logins include '''IP Address, User Name '''(denoted as an email address), and the '''Time '''of the invalid login.
Using the Search fields on the top right, you are also able to apply [[Filters]] by time period ('''Year '''and '''Month''') and/or by username. 
=See Also=
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