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Address Book Template

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The Address Book Template is a setting that can be configured when [[Address Types|creating a new Address Type]].
Note that this only applies if [[Multiple Addresses]] is enabled
The following Organizational Profile shows the default address block:<br/>
If the Address Book Template is configured as follows...<br/>[[Image:AddressBookTemplate.png|link=]]<br/>...the address block in the organization profile will be changed to the following:<br/>
Address blocks for organizations and contacts can also be referenced using [[variables]].
The variable @primaryaddress@ used on a [[Custom Field Type: Display Only – Web Page View|Web Page View custom field]], for example, will return the following:
* [[Address Types]]
* [[Viewing Address Types]]
* [[Troubleshooting Address Types]]
* [[Importing Address]]
* [[Variables]]
[[Category:Global Settings]][[Category:Contacts]]
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