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User Interface
==Overview==The User Interface category covers the general look and feel of your system, as well as configuring the layout of what your users will experience. Learn more about configuring and changing the interface to suit your needs by choosing a User Interface article in the table below. =User Interface Articles= {| class="wikitable"|-||[[Branding]]||How to change the look of your system to match your brand.|-||[[Login Page]]||How to configure a login page.|-||[[Signup Page]]||How to setup sign up pages.|-||Object Layout||How to change the layout of objects pages.|-||[[List View Overview|List Views]]||How to configure list views of data.|-||[[Portals]]||How to configure User portals.|-||Charts||How to configure interactive list view chart portal section.|-||Mixed Record List||How to configure the mixed record list portals section.|-||Shortcuts||How to configure shortcuts for use inside a portal section.|-||[[Image:Definition Browser]]||See a list of interfacesupported web browsers and operating systems.|-||[[Accessibility]]||How to ensure your system is accessible.jpg|-|link=|[[Usability]]||How to ensure your system is usable.|-||Languages||How to configure your system for multiple languages.|- from dictionary||Feature Visibility||How to show/hide aspects of the, accessed 20 June 2013|}
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