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The Screen Share feature allows users to take screenshots of the current screen and store it to database for given interval.

They can then share and select a user on the same instance to share it with.

The Use case is someone is on the phone with support, who wishes to show support what they are seeing. Such users will no w have the ability to share their screen\.


Users must be in a role that has permission to access the Screen Share feature.

Go to the Global Settings - Security tab, access the System Feature Permissions section.

Click on the Feature Permission tab, go to the Enable Screen Capture section and update the Role options as required.

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Users with the relevant role should not be able to see the Request Screen Capture option when they click on the User Menu.


Using Screen Share

1. Admins click on the Request Screen Capture option under the User Menu.

2. A modal window opens showing a list of people logged into the current instance.


3. Admin can click on one of the listed users to select the user who wishes to send a screenshot.

4. Admin gets a confirmation message that the message has been sent.


5. Selected User gets a message that the Admin “is requesting you share your screen. Do you want to share your screen (requested by: User Name)?”.

6. If the user chooses to share their screen they will see the share screen button.

8. When they press the Share Screen button a screenshot is taken of the users screen and is stored to database.

9. The Admin will have access to the screenshot