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Instead of using the built-in SmartSimple SMTP service to send e-mail, your instance can be configured to relay all e-mail generated by SmartSimple through to your company's internal SMTP server.

We strongly recommend SMTP Relay to your company's internal SMTP server. It is by far the best way to avoid your emails being misidentified as spam.

This approach will help prevent e-mail sent from SmartSimple being designated as Spam. E-mails will originate from the server registered to your company's e-mail domain, and thus match the sender address. See the following Wiki article for further information:

Email Designated as Spam

The SMTP Settings section allows an organization to designate a specific SMTP server as the server to be used when transmitting email messages. The settings are accessed through the Configuration, Global Settings page (last section at the bottom of the page).

The configuration settings are:

  • SMTP Server Name - the address of the SMTP server e.g.
  • SMTP User Name - a username associated with the SMTP server.
  • SMTP Password - the password for this username.
  • SMTP Port - the port to connect to on the destination server (default=25).
  • SMTP Use TLS - select this checkbox to enable encryption of the connection.
Note: Your company's SMTP server may need to be configured to accept e-mail relayed from SmartSimple. 
Please contact your internal SMTP server administrator with regard to this. The User Name and Password may or may not be required depending on how the relay is configured within your company's email system.
Unless you are on a dedicated server, SmartSimple e-mail will originate from:

Server IP address, (mail might originate from one of these addresses), (mail might originate from one of these addresses), (mail might originate from one of these addresses)

Once set, these values will override the use of the built-in SMTP server and ALL emails (other than Forgot Password see below) will be channelled through the designated server. This will affect the following system areas:

Individual users wishing to send email using their organisation's SMTP server must still set up their authentication details using the Email Account settings feature.


Forgot Password

  • When using the Forgot Password link on the Login Screen the e-mail containing the password will not be relayed via your specified SMTP server. Forgot password e-mails are always sent by the built-in SmartSimple SMTP service.
For security reasons unless a user has logged into your SmartSimple instance the configured SMTP relay settings are not accessible. Consequently Forgot Password e-mails cannot be relayed from that server.
  • Because these Forgot Password e-mails do not originate from your company's e-mail server, if the return address specified on the User Email Templates page is an address from your domain it may be rejected by your server. You may need to configure your company's e-mail server accordingly, or use a different domain as the from address.

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