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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to their server:

Updated Style of Arcadia Caption and Instructions

  • Minor update to the styling of custom field captions and instructions when positioned above the field input for a better look and feel.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

New Easily Create PDFs and Printable Pages with the SmartField View Template

  • New sample template within Web Page View custom fields makes it easier to create PDF's and printable sheets.
  • Why? | How

New Generate Meeting Requests, Tasks and Contact Cards with iCalendar

  • Generate and share meeting requests, contact cards, and to-do tasks using iCalendar format.
  • Why? | How

New Integration with ORCID Research Database

  • Integration with ORCID research database enables the importing of publications directly from ORCID and other databases into SmartSimple.
  • Why?

New Option to Convert Uploaded Word Documents to PDF

  • Automatically convert Word documents to PDF documents upon file upload.
  • Why? | How

New Ability to Attach a WorkFlow to Company/User Registration Pages

  • Enhanced signup pages with the ability to explicitly trigger a workflow for each signup page to make for easier configuration.
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New Create Consumer / Provider link Using Workflow Task

  • New workflow task type allows you to create consumer/provider links increasing the ways you can customize consumer/provider associations.
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Beta Previews

The following features are available for beta preview. For a sneak peek, please contact your SmartSimple administrator for more information.

New Integration with Payment Provider Stripe

  • New integration with Stripe to offer payment options (credit card processing) within SmartSimple.
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