Overview of the Web Forms Application

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Web Forms provide a powerful information gathering application available within SmartSimple. This application can be used in a wide variety of ways in your company.

  • Surveys that you can share with customers or internal staff.
  • Quality control forms that customers complete when they finish training or project work.
  • Registration forms for events you are planning.
  • Scored assessments that you need people to complete
  • Reference check forms for use in the Applicant Tracking program.
  • Entry forms for contests.

General Characteristics of Web Forms

To create a Web Form you will need access to the Web Form application and the manager permission to manage Web Forms.

Web Forms can be completed in a number of ways:

  • Through the Web Form application (manager permission is not required). When completing a web form in this manner you must be able to log into SmartSimple.
  • Using the Internet with access to the Web Forms application. Forms completed in this manner can be completed anonymously, or you can use a feature that temporarily allows the user login access to complete the form.
  • Through another user’s details, where you complete the form on behalf of another user.