Organisational Hierarchy Defined

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You organise all internal and external companies into an organisational hierarchy.

This makes it easy to reflect the real structure of the organisations you deal with. For example, a company may need a structure such as company, division, and branch – a three level hierarchy.

  • All the contacts that you add to the system, regardless of whether they are able to log into SmartSimple, are associated with a specific part of an organisation that may be either internal (to your company) or external (to another company).
  • The term “company” is used in SmartSimple to designate:
  • A location within your organisation such as a branch office, subsidiary organisation, department or team.
  • Other organisations outside your organisation such as customers, prospects, suppliers, contractors or whatever external groups of people you work with.
  • You can also use an “organisation” as a level to group together sets of organisations, such as “customers” or “suppliers”.

You will change the terminology through Global Settings to make the word “company” more applicable to your own organisation.