Newsletter April 2004 Issue 4

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Upcoming Enhancements to Existing Features

For Everyone

  • Lead Management - This is a new enhancement to our Sales Tracking application. Leads provides for fast data entry of incoming leads and business cards without going to the trouble of creating accounts and contacts. Each lead can be automatically converted into a new account and contact without having to retype information that has already been entered. You also have access to a lead import wizard for bulk upload of lead information.
  • Leads can be organized into campaigns so you can track the success of the lead generation process. Each campaign can have its own set of custom lead fields so that you can gather the information you need from a lead based on the campaign.

For Administrators

  • Multi-Column Custom Fields - A lot of people have been requesting more information on a single screen - without scrolling. You can now organize custom fields into multiple columns. You will now have the ability to choose the number of columns that are used. For example, custom fields that are currently being displayed in a single list under a contact can now be displayed as two (or three) columns. This improves the look of the page as well as provides the ability to eliminate some scrolling. The existing Text Label field is used to control the number of columns to use for any fields displayed after it.


Our Toronto classroom is fully operational and courses are scheduled between now and October, 2008.

Click on the links below to see the course outlines and 2008 training schedule. Please contact if you would like to register.

Training Course Outlines

Training Dates 2008