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UTA Settings – Mobile App

SmartSimple’s Mobile App is meant to be used for specific tasks within a UTA; it will not contain any SmartSimple functionality except the creation and editing of entities in a UTA. The app must have limited functionality to ensure we can provide an efficient and straightforward experience for completing these simple tasks. In order for Smartsimple’s Mobile App to have access to the instance, a ‘’Mobile App Logo Source’’ must exist at the bottom of the ‘’Integrations’’ tab in Global Settings. To do this, System Administrators must create a logo, preferably one with a transparent background and 56 pixels high.


Next, the logo needs to be uploaded onto a SmartFolder with the option ‘’Internet Enabled’’ selected; once uploaded, copy the URL of the image.


Lastly, navigate to the ‘’Mobile App Logo Source’’ under the “Integrations” tab in [[Global Settings] and click on ‘’Edit Mobile App Branding’’; paste the copied URL accordingly and save. 


Each Universal Tracking Application™ can be configured by System Administrators for use with SmartSimple’s Mobile App (only compatible with Android devices currently).  You can access a list of mobile app modules under the ‘’Integrations’’ tab in Global Settings as indicated above.  You can also access the mobile modules in a particular Universal Tracking Application™ at the bottom of the ‘’Connectivity’’ tab on the UTA Settings Page:


Mobile App Modules

On the ‘’Mobile App Modules’’ list view, System Administrators are able to create their own mobile modules. Once in the configuration page, customization of the mobile module is available:


Permission & Availability

Using the ‘’Permission & Availability’’ tab, System Administrators can define the templates, types, and statuses of Level 1 and Level 2 that will be visible (and/or creatable) to users of the Mobile App. 


List and Page Views

The list and page views allows System Administrators to filter out fields at Level 1 and Level 1] on the ‘’Mobile App’’. 


For the Level 1 and Level 2] item and activity page view, System Adminstrators can toggle editting of specific fields to users. 


Mobile App

Compatability: Smartsimple’s Mobile App can be found (just by searching it) in the Google Play Store. It is only compatible for android devices and is currently not available for iOS.  Firstly, you will be required to choose the instance, your country of residence, and language on the first login page.

You can then login after filling in your login details on the second page. 
Once logged in, the Mobile App’s home page will display every mobile module created with their respective icons/images and name. 
  Accessing a mobile module will give the user access (and creation) of Level 1 and Level 2. What is displayed is dependent on the List and Page Views