Including Read Only - System Variable Fields on a UTA Contact List View

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The list views for contact records can be defined on each Universal Tracking Application™ (see Contact List Views for details).


Custom fields defined on the contact record can be included on the UTA Contact List View. However, if the field is of the type Read Only – System Variables, the field value will not be displayed.

For example, if you want to display on the Contact List View the Annual Budget for each contact's parent organization, you would:

  1. add a contact custom field that referenced the Annual Budget field on the contact's organization (the "parent"); and
  2. reference that field on the list view:

The field will then be displayed on the main contact list view:


However, if the same field is referenced on the UTA Contact List View, the result will be a blank field:


This is because the UTA Contact List View reads its information from a different source from the main Contact List View.

To reference a Read Only – System Variables on a contact record in the UTA Contact List View, take the following steps:

  1. Recreate the Read Only – System Variables field as a Role Based Custom Field.
    Note that it does not matter which role the field is added to.
  2. Choose the "UTA Level One" option when creating the field.
  3. The Read Only – System Variables field should reference the contact record.
    In other words, whereas the variable specified for the original custom field was @parent.Annual Budget@, the variable in this case should be @contact.parent.Annual Budget@.
    Note that you may want to give your new field a different name, such as Annual Budget for List View to avoid confusion.
  4. Reference this new field in your UTA Contact List View.
    Note that you may want to change the Header Caption so that it just reads "Annual Budget" in this example.

Now the field value will be visible on your UTA Contact List View:


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