File Size Upload Limitations and Upload Times

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File Size Upload Limitations (Size Restrictions)

Files with sizes up to 1GB can be uploaded into Custom Field Type: Upload - Multiple Files Storage and Custom Field Type: Upload - Single File Storage

File Size Upload Times

Region File Size; Upload Time
Canada (Peer1) The nested table must be on a new line>
50MB ~ 51,200KB; approximately 1 min
100MB ~ 102,400KB; approximately 1 min
200MB ~ 204,800KB; approximately 2 min
500MB ~ 512,000KB; approximately 3 min
1GB ~ 976,563KB; approximately 4 min


  • File upload time tests were completed from SmartSimple head office. Upload times may vary based on your ISP and other factors.
  • Last speed test - Aug. 2015

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