Email Templates using Level 1 values

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How.png This article will explain how you can implement this feature for use on your SmartSimple system.

You can create an email template that references UTA fields so that when the New Email function within a UTA is used the email can pre-populate portions of the subject and/or body with information stored in the Level 1 record of the UTA.


  • To access the Email Templates click on Email in the Tools menu.
  • Click on the Templates tab, the list of existing Email Templates will be shown.
  • Click the Edit button to edit an existing Email Template.
  • You can also create a New Email Template.

Create a New Email Template

Click on 'New Template button and the new Email Template fields will be displayed.

  • Name The name of the Email Template.
  • Type The type of Email Template.
  • Category Allows you to categorize your Email Templates.
  • Private/Public Private Email Templates can only be viewed by the user that create them. Public Email Templates can be viewed by anyone with access to the Email Templates.
  • Role Allowed Lookup to select the roles allowed to use this Email Template.
  • Default Attachment Files from a SmartFolder can be attached to the Email Template. Multiple files can be selected by checking the checkboxes next to the filenames when Lookup is pressed.


  • Subject The subject of the Email Template.
  • Body The body of the Email Template. This is a Rich Text field editor.

Click the Save button to save the Email Template or click Save As to save the current Template and start a new one.

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