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Ambox warning pn.png This feature is deprecated and should no longer be used, but may still be available for reasons of backwards compatibility.

Field Display


General Description

A Web Page View - Tabbed field is used in conjunction with multiple Web Page View fields to display online PDF versions of the referenced Web Page View fields in a tabbed display.

Field Options

Option Description Format
Custom Field ID The unique ID number associated with the custom field. Not Applicable
Field Type The list of available Field Types. @fieldtype@
Field Name The name of the field, used internally to reference the user's input; @fieldname@
Caption  The leading question or prologue before the field. @caption@
Display Order  The order (relative to other fields) in which this field is displayed. @displayorder@
Description Definition and general description of the custom field. Will not be displayed. @description@
  • Label Display: Determines the location of the field caption. Options include: Left of Field, Above Field, No Caption, Hide Caption. Note: this option was previously called Label Display. (See examples here.)
  • On New Record: Controls how the field should be displayed until record has been saved once.
    • Always Display: Field will be exposed both before and after the record is saved.
    • Hide on New Record: Field will be hidden until record is saved.
    • Only Show on New Record: Field will be exposed until record is saved, and then it will be hidden. This option is useful for fields that provide instructions for filling out forms before saving.
  • Visibility Condition: See the Visibility Condition Wiki page.
  • Field Permission Matrix: See the Field Permission Matrix Wiki page.

Special Options for Field

  • Field IDs – the Custom Field IDs of the Web Page View fields to be referenced.
    • List the IDs relating to the Web Page View fields you want to display in a tabbed format.
    • Custom field IDs should be separated by commas (example: 282076,282077).
    • See Determining the Field ID for instructions on locating the field IDs.


    • The tab names will be determined by the captions set for the referenced Web Page View fields.
    • The permissions set for printing, saving, etc. within the individual Web Page View fields will be ignored: the Web Page Views will be displayed in PDF format in the user's browser in this field and will be downloadable and printable.

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