Custom Field Type: Upload - Image

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General Description

Displays an uploaded image. Any image file type can be uploaded to a maximum of 1GB. The image size can be constrained by setting the height and width properties; otherwise the image will be displayed at its original size.

Field Display

Display only image ex1.png
Upload - Image, in Edit Mode

Display only image ex2.png
Upload - Image, in View Mode (with Image uploaded)

Field Options

All common options:
General Settings
Permissions & Availability
Classic Options
For further information, please refer to Custom Fields – General Information.

Options listed below are specific to this particular field type.
Security Options

  • Allow External Access: if there is an externally enabled report that includes files in this Multiple Files field, anyone viewing the report will be able to click on the file names listed on the report for this Multiple Files field and view the underlying files.
  • Workflow on Upload: Select the workflow that will be initiated upon image upload

Other Options

  • Disable Email Button - removes the option to email uploaded documents.
  • Enable Camera Snapshot: Checkmark this option to enable camera snapshot
  • Custom HTML Tag: Use this field for additional attributes to the field HTML tag.
  • Real-Time Virus Scan - Files are scanned for viruses while uploading.

Special Options for Field

  • Security Options: Allow External Access - allows uploaded images to be viewed without logging into SmartSimple.
  • Workflow on Upload: Indicates a Workflow that will be triggered when an image file is uploaded to this field.


The display size of the image in a report or list view is constrained by the user’s system settingList View Image Size.