Custom Field Type: Text Box– Text Single Line

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General Description

A single line of text.

Field Illustrated

Cf tbsl ex1.png
Text Box - Single Line field, in Edit Mode (above)

  • Default Text: The default text that will be displayed in the text box. You can refer to variables as part of the Default Text as explained in this article. You can also hide the caption on the field so that only the text entry box appears.
  • Read Only:
  • Maximum Length: Sets the maximum length of the text entry.
    • Show Counter determines whether a counter will be shown to the user.
    • Count Words sets the counter to count words (instead of characters, the default).
  • Exceeded Maximum Message: Message the user will see when they reach the maximum length
  • Number Precision - Provides the ability to round any numeric value up or down based on your chosen precision. Select whole numbers, single or multiple decimals, nearest ten, hundred or thousand.

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