Custom Field Type: Special - Password Protected Text

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General Description

Creating a password protected field will allow you to store data within the system that cannot be viewed by anyone, regardless of role or permission, without supplying the correct password. Before you can view or add a value to the field you must enter the pass phrase and click the password button.

Field Illustrated

Cf tpp ex1.png
Text Box - Password Protected field, in both View and Edit Modes

Cf tpp ex2.png
Text Box - Password Protected field, configuring the password in the custom field settings

Field Options

All common options:
General Settings
Permissions & Availability
Classic Options
For further information, please refer to Custom Fields – General Information.

Options listed below are specific to this particular field type.

  • Encryption Passphrase: Passphrase used to encrypt the values in the field (maximum length of 12 characters)


Using Password Protected Fields in Reports

If you use a password protected field in a report, you will be prompted to enter the associated pass phrase in order to see the data in the report. If you do not enter the pass phrase or enter the pass phrase incorrectly, the report will still be displayed but the column containing the pass phrase protected data will be blank.

If you use more than one pass phrase protected field in a report, you will be prompted for each pass phrase in turn.