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General Description

Used to make a simple data sheet in-line on your screen. It's a simplified version of the Special - XML Data field that opens within the current form rather than opening up in a separate window.

Note: this field does NOT have all the functionality included in the Advanced Data Table field and it is not possible to report on data entered into this field type.

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Field Options

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Classic Options
For further information, please refer to Custom Fields – General Information.


Creating the field is a two step process:

  1. Creating a Special - In-Line Data Grid custom field
  2. Create Section

Creating a Special - In-Line Data Grid custom field

To create a Special - In-Line Data Grid custom field:

  1. Navigate to the desired place, where you want to create the XML custom field (e.g. the UTA level 1).
  2. Click the New Field (+) button.
  3. For Field Type select Special - In-Line Data Grid .
  4. Enter a Field Name and Caption. Click Save.

Create Section

Use the Section Builder to create sections, including defining the number of rows and columns displayed, formulas, and style your data grid.


  1. In the action bar click on the Section Builder button (it has four squares on it).
  2. Enter Number of Rows desired. NOTE: If you wish this to be a dynamic section, with the ability for the end-user to add as many rows as needed, then leave as 0. Otherwise enter a number value for the number of rows required
  3. Enter Number of Columns desired.
  4. A cell grid should appear once the number of rows and columns have been defined.
  5. Click into the first cell of the Cell Grid at the top left and enter a Caption and CSS Class.
  6. Click into the top row of any column labeled and enter a Caption and CSS Class..
  7. If Number of Rows is 0 then you will also have the option to Show Total. This will add a total row to the grid and calculate the total for the column.
  8. If desired choose the Validation (e.g. text, number, comma, date, currency, percent). NOTE: If you select number, comma or percent you can also specify precision settings (e.g. Whole Number, Nearest Hundred).
  9. Repeat for the remaining column headers.
  10. Click into the first cell in the row under the column header and enter a Caption and CSS Class.
  11. Use the "Mandatory" checkbox if you wish the cell to be enforced. A standardized alert referencing the overall Gird Name will be displayed if the Validation Error Message is not populated in the overall Custom Field settings.
  12. If this is a static section then repeat for the remaining row labels.
  13. Click the Save button.