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The list of values selectable in a custom field can be made conditional upon the value selected in another custom field. This functionality can be configured on the following custom field types:

Canada-Ontario-Cities.jpg or US-Texas.jpg

To configure this functionality, for each dependent field:

  • define the field that will condition the dependent values as the "Parent Field"
  • in the settings page of the "Child Field", there's a drop down field called "Parent Field" - this must be populated with the "Parent Field" being referenced,
  • surround the dependent values with the ssOption syntax:
<ssOption:Parent Value 1>;Dependent Value 1;Dependent Value 2</ssOption>

In the configuration shown below:

  • In the Province field
    • --Select One-- will always be shown,
    • Ontario and British Columbia will only be shown if Canada is selected in the Country field, and
    • Texas will only be shown if United States is selected in the Country field.
  • In the City field
    • -- N/A -- will always be shown,
    • Toronto and Ottawa will only be shown if Ontario is selected in the Province field, and
    • Vancouver will only be shown if British Columbia is selected in the Province field.

Conditional Lists - Combined.jpg

Any number of lists of values can be made dependent on other lists of values.

This feature will not work in conjunction with Dynamic Control fields.

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