Completing an Anonymous Web Form

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Anonymous forms are completed over the Internet, without knowing who is actually completing the form. Generally, you will use this type of form to gather survey type information.

In this example, you will use the same form that you have created, but complete the form using an anonymous session.

1. Choose the Applications, Web Form menu.

2. Click the Edit button for your Web Form.

3. Click the Options tab.

4. Review the Internet URL link.


This link could be:

  • Linked to your corporate web site – when a web site visitor clicks the link, the form is displayed.
  • Emailed to people – when the email recipient clicks the link, the form is displayed.

5. Copy the Link to the Clipboard.

6. Launch a new browser window.

7. Paste the link into the address bar.

The Web Form is displayed in the browser Window.

8. Complete the form.

9. Switch to your original session.

10. Complete the Web Form.

NOTE: Web Forms that are completed anonymously will not trigger Workflows for security reasons.