Completing a Scored Form

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You will now complete the form and get a global measure score as well as individual questions results.

1. Choose the Applications, Web Forms menu.

2. Click the Fill Form button for the SmartSimple – review Web Form.

The Web Form is displayed.


3. Answer the questions.

4. Click the Next button.

The Confirmation template is displayed.

5. Close the window.

The Web Form list indicates that there has been one respondent to this form.


6. Click the Edit button.

7. Click the Results tab.

The individual results are displayed.


If you got all the questions correct you will score 100%!

8. Click the Details link.

The individual results are displayed.


Correct answers are displayed with a tick mark. Incorrect answers are displayed with an x.

Only questions with the Correct Response option set are scored, all others are ignored.

9. Click the Browser Back button.

10. Click the Measures tab.

The Dimension score is displayed.


  • The questions are grouped by measure.
  • The score is calculated by multiplying the score by the multiplier used for this measure this assessment. This feature allows you to weight the measure differently in different assessments.