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Company Roles are roles played by an organization in relation to its association with a record in a Universal Tracking Application™.

For example, if you are tracking grants, organizations can be associated with your grant records as Payee Organizations, Donors, and the like.

Company Roles are defined in two places:


In either location, Company Roles can be given a name, caption, description, display order and color code.

Custom Fields can also be associated with Company Roles based on whether the company is associated with a UTA record at Level 1 or Level 2:

The roles that can be ascribed to an associated company are set as a property of the Organizations standard field. Both the system-wide Company Roles and the UTA-specific Company Roles can be selected here.
Assignment Roles - Organization.png

These roles will then be displayed in the drop-down box when adding a company to the record.
Orgs - List of Company Roles.png

To access the Company Role's custom fields, click on the name of the Company Role on the attached Company record. A pop-up box will be displayed containing the entry fields defined above.

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