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Janus is SmartSimple’s Machine Learning tool. This powerful extension of SmartSimple’s Grants, Research and Case Management Systems enables organizations of all types to look at their past to help predict stronger outcomes in the future.

Janus can be trained to analyze an organization’s data, such as grant applications or medical claims. Organizations can select as many inputs as needed, along with a single output. Janus then determines how these inputs affect the output. Once Janus has been trained, these results - and the likelihood of the outcomes - are applied to any new applications or cases submitted within the SmartSimple system.

In addition to offering an innovative approach to understanding information, Janus provides the following benefits for Grantmakers, Insurers, and Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) alike:

  • Validated decision making based entirely on an organization’s data.
  • Greater consistency around decision making.
  • Increased efficiency.

Grantmakers will be able to train Janus to predict the success of their grantmaking activities based on any criteria from past grants they choose. For IMEs and Insurers, Janus can predict claim complexity, expenses, and assist in the selection of assessors or vendors.

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