Adding a Tracked Link to an Email Broadcast Message

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If you wish to track links within the broadcast email, perhaps to articles or other web sites, you must first add the links to the application, and the links will be encoded in a specific way to allow for tracking.

1. Choose the Applications, Email Broadcast menu.

2. Click the Link Tracker tab.


The tracked links list is displayed – currently empty.


3. Click the New Link tab.


The New Link window is displayed.


This window consists of three fields.

  • The Name you wish to give the link.
  • The actual link.
  • The reporting tag.

You first paste the link from the address bar of another browser window, and when you save the link it will be encoded.

4. Set the Name to SmartSimple Web site.

5. Launch a new browser window.

6. Set the address to

7. Press the Enter key.

The web site is displayed.

Always make sure the link is working before you save it as a tracked link.

Always include the “http://” part of the web address.


8. Select the address.

9. Press Control + C to copy the address to the clipboard.

10. Switch to the Link tracker window.

11. Press Control + V to paste the address into the Web Site.


12. Click the Save button.


The link is encoded and saved.


This link can now be inserted into the body of the message.

1. Click the Email Broadcast link.

2. Click the New Message tab.

The tracked links are displayed at the bottom of the window.


3. Select the Link tag.


4. Press Control + C to copy the link to the clipboard.

5. Click in the body of the message.

6. Press Control + V to paste the link into the message body.


This technique is particularly useful when you need to create a newsletter. It includes links to articles, and tracks which articles your recipients are most interested in.