What is the Spool Folder Setting in the Global Settings?


  • When you use a Multiple File type field, all the files associated with a single instance of the field (i.e. a single set of files in a single entity) are stored in the same physical folder on the server.
  • Each of these folders are dynamically created under a single folder representing the field as soon as the first file is added to the first entity.
  • As there is a physical storage limitation that only 32,000 sub-folders can be created in a single folder eventually this limit will be reached.
  • If you get a spool folder error, you may need to check this number - the Current Spool Folder count will indicate 32,000.
  • You will know the number has been reached when users are unable to upload files to the Multiple File type field.

Important Note for Clients using Test to Production

If your organization is using multiple SmartSimple environments and the Test to Production tool to move changes between environments you must ensure that the Spool File number is the same in all environments.

For example if the Spool File Count on Production is set to 3 and the Spool File Count on QA is set to 2 then the the value 3 will be overwritten by the QA value of 2 (this value is stored in the Company Setting table). This condition will trigger a false positive on production as the system knows that Spool File 2 was already full.

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