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Chat provides a simple method for instant communications with other people when they log into your copy of SmartSimple.

The Chat feature of SmartSimple does not use the same technology as Microsoft Messenger or similar programs. You will not need to make any security changes on your network to support this feature.

Messages are sent and received instantly and are generally visible to everyone else using your copy of SmartSimple.

Switching Chat On

Chat is switched on by clicking the Chat On button in the top left menu bar (accessed via the Chaticon.png icon located next to the Logout button).

1. Click the Chat On button.

The Chat Panel is displayed as a new page above the SmartSimple window.

  • Messages are typed into the lower yellow pane of the Chat window.
  • Everyone’s messages are displayed in the top pane of the Chat window.
  • A “Smiley” can be added to the end of each message.
  • Chat can be restricted to people in the local organisation by clicking the Read local Branch and Post to local Branch check boxes.

Knowing who has the Chat Window Open

When the Chat panel is enabled, the username will be displayed in the People Online list preceded by “C”.

Sending Chat Messages

1. Type the message in the lower pane.

2. Press the Enter key or choose one of the “Smiley” icons.

Administering Chat

People with Global User Administrator or Local User Administrator privileges can administer the chat and remove items.

1. Click the Configuration, Global Settings, Chat Log menu.