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General Information

New Monthly Upgrades

Effective October 2012, we will be releasing upgrades on a monthly basis.

The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  • The upgrades will be performed in smaller batches.
  • New features will come on-stream faster, as we can fast track key enhancements into early updates.

The overall upgrade process is not changing. We will provide a list of updates to both the backup and production servers. The only difference in this new process is that these updates will be much more frequent -- and much smaller.

This page will provide a general overview of each upgrade, with links to the Wiki articles describing the new or updated features and how to use them. You can also subscribe to the Technical Journal that is sent out prior to each upgrade on the Newsletter Signup Page. (Unsubscribe here).

System Upgrade Process

The objective of the System Upgrade Process is to ensure that customers have a chance to review, without compromising the integrity of their production system, how their applications and information will work following the upgrade. In order to take advantage of this you will need to know how to access your backup instance of SmartSimple. If you need assistance with this either refer to the Backup Server and Testing Instances Wiki article, or contact the SmartSimple support desk.

Backup Server Update

  • Each backup server will be updated to the "release candidate" prior to the upgrade date.
  • This update will provide for instance specific testing of release candidate, as you can log into your respective backup server and test the the changes against your most current data and configuration.
  • Internal staff will also be using these servers to perform instance specific testing.

Update Go/No-Go

  • Subject to satisfactory testing on both the pre-production server and the production backup servers, the go/no go decision will be made on Wednesday at 12:00pm.

Current Upgrade Package: February 2013

The following server will be upgraded on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 10pm EST.

  • smartsimple3.biz

The following servers will be upgraded on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 10pm EST.

  • smartsimple.com
  • smartsimple2.biz
  • smartsimple4.biz
  • smartsimple.ca
  • smartsimple.us
  • smartsimple.biz
  • smartsimple.ie (after 10pm Local Time)
  • smartsimple.co.za (after 10pm Local Time)
  • factorial.ca
  • frontdeskinc.net

The upgrade will be applied to the associated backup servers on Thursday, one week prior to the date scheduled for your production server, for testing.

Important: The upgrade will be applied to your backup server 1 week prior to the scheduled upgrade date for your production server. You are encouraged to log into your backup server during this period to test the changes against your most recent data and configuration. Backup Server and Testing Instances

If your organization has a dedicated SmartSimple server or you host in-house, SmartSimple will be in contact with your system administrator to schedule the upgrade of your server after February 14th.

The following features will be implemented as part of the upgrade cycle commencing in February 2013:

Universal Tracking Application

  • New caption setting introduced for the configuration of type/status of objects, allowing you to change the default display name of a type/status. New variables @statuscaption@ and @typecaption@ have been introduced to retrieve these captions.
  • New language translation setting introduced for the configuration of types and statuses for the UTA at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. New variables @type_lang@ and @status_lang@ introduced to retrieve the relevant translation based on the current user.
  • New field visibility matrix introduced allowing you to configure a complex combination of view/edit permissions for custom fields based on user roles and UTA statuses in bulk.
  • Enhanced the UTA batch update feature to open directly off your current list view results instead of directing to a separate search page.
  • Enhanced the UTA batch update feature with the ability to update multiple contacts/group for UTA Level 1.

Variable Processor

  • New variable @sstimezone@ allows you to retrieve the user's timezone setting which can then be used to calculate their relative date/time.

Standard and Custom Fields

  • Enhanced the account list view within a UTA with the ability to list the account owner as a column.
  • New ability to update the display order of only a selected group of custom fields within batch update (previously forced to update display order of all custom fields).


  • Enhanced transactions with the ability to enable record locking.


  • Enhanced PubMed service with the additional ability to search on publication date.
  • Introduced integration with GuideStar service and ability to search their database.

If you would like to receive the Technical Journal you may subscribe here

Previous Upgrades

Click on the links below to find detailed information on previous upgrades.

  • The date listed indicates when the upgrade cycle commenced. Not all servers were upgraded on that date.

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