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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to your server:

Updated Internal Configuration Pages and Templates

  • Enhanced certain internal configuration pages with updated look and feel for increased consistency, functionality, and ease-of-use.

Changed Workflow Email Save As Event To Save Onto Object

  • Updated the Save as Event option within workflow email acknowledgement tasks to attach the email event to the workflow object instead of directly to the user. The user will still be associated to the email event and as such you will now be able to reference the email event from both the UTA object as well as the individual users.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

Budget Allocation Manager

  • New easy to set up and use budget allocations. The interface for the end users has been standardized and presents a simple screen for entering payments. The ability to allocate payments towards specific budgets has now been built into the platform to allow administrators to easily set up complex budget allocation and attribution models for their users

New Ability to Rearrange Standard and Custom Fields On Signup Page

  • New signup page configuration allows for easier configuration and maintenance of signup pages. You ca now select exactly which fields to appear on the signup page and they will automatically draw their settings from the configuration of the field (i.e. mandatory validation, custom validation, caption text, etc.)

New Ability to Align Submit Buttons

  • Enhanced submit buttons with the ability to horizontally align left, center or right instead of always being center aligned.

Extended New List View Builder

  • Extend the latest list view builder functionality to consumer/provider list views.

New Ability to Create L2 activities based on L1 UTA Contact Role Assignment

  • New workflow task types give you the ability to automatically batch create UTA Level 2 activities for any user associated to the Level 1. The Create New Activity workflow task has been updated to include a setting to specify users associated to the Level 1 with a specific role.
  • The Create New Activity workflow task has been made available for the UTA Role Assignment workflow type.

Enhanced Ability to Change UTA Role of a Contact Via a Workflow Task

  • The workflow task type for People Association has been enhanced to be able to remove as well as change the user's associated role to a UTA object..

New Workflow Task to Trigger Signority

  • New workflow task type gives users the ability to automatically trigger a signature request through our Signority partner.

Enhanced Custom Field Alignment

  • Enhanced custom fields with the ability to right align their input content.

Enhancement to Restriction on UTA Company/ Contact Associations

  • We have extended the ability to restrict the number of contact associations for UTA Level 1s down to the Level 2s.
  • We have also added the ability to restrict the umber of company associations as well.

Enhanced Delayed Workflow Tasks

  • Enhanced delayed workflow tasks that gives you the ability to specify the time that they should trigger. Currently, you can only trigger workflows by date.

Enhanced Workflow Triggering

  • Enhanced the ability to trigger a workflow to the custom list view export functionality for all the records exported. This will allow more flexibility and customization by allowing any existing workflow action to apply to each record as they're exported.

Ability to Hide 'Sort By' for List Views

  • New ability in Arcadia X section to hide the sort function of a list view.

Level 3 in Arcadia UTA View

  • Extended the availability of Level 3 list views to the Arcadia UTA view.

Beta Previews

The following features are available for beta preview. For a sneak peek, please contact your SmartSimple administrator for more information.

Interactive Report View - Phase 1

  • New interactive view of reports allows users to manipulate the display of report data, with the ability to filter, group, and aggregate the data dynamically and on demand. Users can see their the data the way they want to easily.

SmartCheck Validation Functionality

  • We're introducing a new feature called SmartCheck Validation. For end users, this means an improved user experience when submitting forms, with a better display of validation errors and ease of navigating through them.
  • For administrators, this means improved ease of configuration and maintenance, with a centralized area for configuring form validation and the ability to attribute the same validation to multiple submit buttons and status changes.