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Global System Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to your server:

Enhanced file upload field view refreshing

  • Enhanced file upload fields to automatically refresh the file list display after upload without the need to re-save the object.

Refresh read only fields referencing XML

  • New functionality to refresh read only - system variables type custom fields on the object when saving an XML field. This will eliminate the need to re-save the object in order to display the changes made to an XML field.

Enhanced Level 2 list views

  • Enhanced Level 2 list views with the ability to also easily display Level 1 fields.

Extended list views to invoices

  • Extended the modern list view functionality to be available for invoices.

Extended personal filters

  • Extended the ability to attach personal filters to personal list views.

Enhanced Arcadia navigation to list views

  • New view list button introduced within object views in Arcadia to easily navigate back to your list view. Preview upgrades removed back to your list view. Previous upgrades removed the persistent UTA list navigation menus for real estate, so this list button is to address the functionality gap.

Arcadia list view navigation.png

Enhanced XML custom fields to trigger status workflows

  • Enhanced XML custom fields to automatically trigger status workflows when the XML custom field is configured to create/edit Level 2 or Level 3 child objects.

On-Demand System Upgrades

The following features are also available immediately with the application of the upgrade, but must first be enabled or configured by a System Administrator:

New Statuses for Companies and Contacts

  • Extended the status standard field and functionality to Companies and Contacts. This allows for stronger validation via submit logic validation.

New Customized Naming of MS Word Merge Documents

  • New ability to dynamically generate the name of MSWord Merge documents at run time.

New Import Interface for Autoloader Imports

  • New import wizard page for uploading files into SmartFolders connected to Autoloader imports.

Updated Save Splash Screen

  • The SmartSimple save in progress splash screen has been changed to a more generic animation.

Beta Previews

The following features are available for beta preview. For a sneak peek, please contact your SmartSimple administrator for more information.

New Custom Field Versioning

  • New custom field version feature introduces the ability to create different versions of UTA fields.
  • Snapshots can be taken of different custom field configurations within a UTA and activated at a desired time. Objects will then be viewed or edited in the context of the snapshot in which they were created.This will allow you to easily maintain historic versions of applications as you make changes to the current application.

New Ability to Change Order of Standard Fields

  • New ability to change the order of standard fields. They can now be arranged amongst custom fields.