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Upgrade overview video upcoming soon. Sign up for the [https://www.smartsimple.com/events.html upgrade webinars].
Watch this video to get a '''general overview''' of the new features in our July 2015 upgrade.
==Automatic Upgrades==
==Automatic Upgrades==

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Watch this video to get a general overview of the new features in our July 2015 upgrade.

Automatic Upgrades

The new features listed below are enhancements to the SmartSimple system and will be immediately available to SmartSimple users upon the application of the upgrade to your server:

New. Interactive Report view (Angular) Phase 2

  • The Interactive View for reports is a new engine for rendering reports and allows the end user to modify the grouping, criteria, and aggregate the report results on the fly. This allows you to use a single report template but allow users to run different metrics on the data on demand all within their browser. Users may also save their interactive views to easily display and switch between interactive views.

Interactive Report View

New. Allocation Chart

  • The Allocation chart is available for Budget Allocation UTAs to show you a graphic of the distribution of your funds. The funds to be viewed can be controlled via selection of the items in your list view search similar to batch update.

Allocation Chart

Updated. IRS search button with hidden form

  • Integrated signup pages (i.e IRS/CRA lookup pages) to have the company information fields set to read-only so that registrants can't change the information from what is listed and extracted from the external sources.

Updated. Custom Field Page

  • Updated the layout of the custom field edit page in line with the Arcadia framework for look and feel, and greater usability. The options have also been re-organized for greater ease of use.

Updated. View All Email Workflows

  • Updated the layout of the workflow list and configuration pages in line with the Arcadia framework for look and feel, and greater usability. Also introduced a new list view for all workflow tasks to be able to easily see all tasks from all workflows.

Updated. Merge SmartFolder pages

  • Updated the layout of the SmartFolder pages in line with the Arcadia framework for look and feel, and greater usability.

Updated. Netcraft V16 V17 V19 V21 user role permission and divulging login information

  • Updated the messaging for incorrect logins and password resets to be consistent. Also removed the ability to customize the account lockout message when a user has locked their account after a number of failed logins.

Updated. Netcraft V25 file fields should download to users and not be served directly

  • Updated the behaviour of files within SmartSimple to not open directly in the browser for security reasons. When clicking the link to uploaded files, your browser will instead prompt you to download the file instead of serving it directly.

Configured Upgrades

These enhancements to the SmartSimple system will require some configuration before they are able to be used:

Enhanced. Conditional Versioning

  • Enhanced SmartVersioning to allow the conditional assignment of field versions to objects dynamically as you create them. Previously the system only allowed for one active version at a time that applied to all new objects. Now you can effectively have multiple active versions and dynamically assign them to create different types and classes of objects (i.e. you can have multiple versions of a grant application depending on the region of the individual applying).

Enhanced. Customize SmartFields

  • Enhanced the SmartFields functionality with the variable processor to allow you to customize a view of a subset of the fields generated by the regular SmartFields function. This acts as a filtered and limited view of the standard SmartFields for you to create a variety of forms for different purposes.

Enhanced. Set Org SignUp page to KEEP EXISTING

  • Enhanced the company signup pages with the ability to match but not update existing companies if found. This can be used during user registration to sign up users to an existing company by matching the company but not allowing the registrant the ability to update the company details.

Enhanced. XML - add the ability for the user to move rows up and down plus change delete and add buttons into icons

  • Enhanced the XML data field type with ability to shift rows up and down and updated the icons for add and remove row buttons to be more intuitive.

New. Customize the portal header links in Arcadia X

  • Enhanced Arcadia X interface to allow the ability to customize the portal header links (i.e. the options under your name menu), and ability to customize the styling of header row of tables and lists for improved look and feel and user experience.


Company and User Security Matrix

  • New security matrix for company and user permissions introduced. This will centralize and simplify the current configuration methodology of user access and permissions towards company and user profiles.