Notes Overview

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<pre> For security purposes, no user can edit another user's Notes.</pre>
===Role-Based Permissions for Notes===
General access to the Notes feature is controlled through [[User role|role]]-based permissions. You will need to set these permissions before a user is able to access notes on any record. 
Notes can then further be made available against the individual entities (e.g. [[UTA]]s, organizations, [[User|users]], calendars etc) in the system using [[Advanced Logic]]. 
1. Click the 9-square menu icon on the top right of your page.
:: {{Icon-Menu}} 
2. Under the heading '''Configuration, '''select '''Global Settings.'''
3. On the first tab, under the subheading '''System Configuration, '''click on '''Note Types.'''
==Configuration - Advanced==
===Pre-created Notes Options===
<pre> The pre-created Options are a good method of enforcing a standardized Templates for your Notes feature. </pre>