Notes Overview

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* Pressing the '''+ '''icon on the top right will allow you to create a '''New Note'''
* Pressing the '''printer '''icon next to it will allow you to generate a print preview of '''all Notes '''on that page
* The Underneath those two icons, you will see the available '''Search Options, '''which can be filtered by either or both '''Note Type '''and '''From/To '''Dates   Each note will appear in its own box, with the following details:  * Date and time stamps * Username of user who created the note * The type of Note * The content of the note * A count of this note among the list of available notes (changing in real time as notes are added and deleted) * An '''Edit Notes '''icon on the left ([[Image:EditNoteIcon.png|link=]]) <pre> For security purposes, no user can edit ''''another user's Notes </pre> 
:: [[Image:NotesTab.png|link=|300px|border]]