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The objective of the System Upgrade Process is to ensure that customers have a chance to review, without compromising the integrity of their production system, how their applications and information will work following the upgrade. In order to take advantage of this you will need to know how to access your backup instance of SmartSimple. If you need assistance with this either refer to the [[Backup Server and Testing Instances]] Wiki article, or contact the [[SmartSimple]] support desk.
For clients on a Private Cloud enviornmentenvironment, please review the [[SmartSimple Upgrade Process – Dedicated Server]] page.
===Upgrade Schedule Details===
==Upgrade Feedback==
We'd love to hear your thoughts on our upgrade releases. You can send us your thoughts at any time by filling in our upgrade survey [ upgrade survey]. Your feedback will be shared directly with our development team and it helps to shape our future development.
If you have questions or need assistance contact our support team toll-free at 866.239.0991 or email
=Current Upgrade Package=
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