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<span style="color: #0000ff;">'''For up to date information, see [[Overview of the Email Broadcast Application]].'''</span>
<span style="color: #0000ff;">'''For up to date information, see [[Overview of the Email Broadcast Application]].'''</span>
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[[Category:Email Broadcast]]

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Ambox warning pn.png This article is deprecated and the information contained within may no longer be correct.

For up to date information, see Overview of the Email Broadcast Application.


Contacts and users can be selected as recipients for an email broadcast using a variety of selection techniques. Contacts are selected from:

  • Rolesusers and contacts with specific roles.
  • Branchusers associated with specific internal branches or business unit.
  • Account – contacts at a specific external company.
  • User – displays a complete list of all internal users, regardless of role or branch.
  • Contact – displays a complete list of all external contacts, regardless of role or company.
  • Owner – all the contacts from all companies “owned” by a specific users – used in conjunction with the Sales Tracking application where account ownership is defined.
  • State – all contacts with an address indicating a specific state or province.
  • Folder – all applicants stored in a specific applicant folder – used in conjunction with the Applicant Tracking application.
  • User Filter – applies to a filter that you created in Sales or Applicant Tracking – this filter can be one you created for your own use or a general public filter. Using this technique, you can select any group of users, regardless of any other filter options.
  • Lead Filter – a filter you created in Sales Tracking, to filter lead information.
  • Events – all the contacts that have registered for a specific event.

Once you have applied one of these techniques, you can choose which of these contacts should receive the email broadcast and then select additional recipients using one of the other options.

Each email will display the number of recipients.


Selecting Recipients by Category

1. Click on the recipient number.


The Email Recipient window is displayed.

EmailBroadcast-Select Recipients.png

  • The top panel of the screen is used to choose recipients.
  • The bottom panel will display the recipient list.

2. Choose the Roles filter.


You select the filter by value and then click the Apply Filter button.


Sometimes you will need to create an incremental filter – e.g. contacts in New York State with the “role” of customer. As you select each incremental filter you click the Combine Filter button.


3. Leave the filter setting at Roles.

4. Set the role (second combo) to Employee.


5. Click the Apply Filter button.


Only contacts meeting the criteria of the current filter are displayed.


You can now select the individuals from this list that you wish to add to the recipient list, or select all the contacts.

6. Click the Select all check box.


All the recipients are selected.


7. Click the Add button.


The selected contacts are added to the recipient list.


If the contact does not have an email address, their information will be displayed without a check box, and you will not be able to add to the recipient list.

8. Change the filter criteria to Human Resources (HR).


9. Click the Apply Filter button.


The users in the Human Resources branch are displayed.

10. Click the Select all check box.

11. Click the Add button.

12. Click the Window close button.


The recipient count is displayed next to the Recipients button.

Note: When using any of the following filters, they must be your last step when combining filters. They also cannot be used in conjunction with one another.

Combining filters.GIF

Creating Filters to Select Recipients

You can create contact filters in Sales Tracking or by using the Organization, Search People menu, and use these filters as the basis for an email broadcast.

In this example, you will create a filter for a contact with Sales in their title.

You will use the standard Organization, Search People menu. However, you could just as easily create this filter using the Sales Tracking application.

Choose the Organization, Search People menu.


Choose the Title field.

Type Sales% in the search box.


The % sign functions as a wild card character, and the search will retrieve all contacts where the title is Sales.

Click the Find button.


All contacts where the title begins with the word Sales are displayed.


Saving a Contact Filter

1. Click the Save Filter button.


The Save Filter window is displayed.


If you do not have the manager permission for Filters and Templates, the Is Public check boxes will not be displayed, and you will only be able to save the filter for your personal use.

2. Set the name to Sales Managers.

3. Click the Save button.

The filter is saved.


4. Click the Close button.

5. Click the Standard tab.

The filter is displayed.